Remote support for iHost/CUBE

Hello all,
I’d like to use a remote sensor like HEIMAN HS1RC :
I managed to pair it (you must enable Zigbee2CUBE pilot feature for this) but afterwards it’s somehow ignored :
Is there any workaround / is it scheduled to support this kind of device in the near future ?
Sounds neat to arm/disarm the iHost remotely, I cannot arm it on the device itself since it will trigger the alarm when I open the door ^^

No, there isn’t any simple workaround. The device is not supported yet and no one guarantees it will ever be.
Good advice, if you allow it. Don’t buy devices without first making sure they are supported by your chosen platform. You already have an unsupported sensor, if I remember correctly. At this rate you’ll soon assemble a whole collection. There will be something to hang on the Christmas tree :christmas_tree: :grinning:

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You’re definitely right with your advice.
I don’t mind waiting a bit + testing and if in the end I’m not satisfied with the iHost I will probably end up flashing it and installing HA. Which support those devices or you can mess with it to get support.
In the mean time, I chose device according to my needs, hopefully they will be supported (because iHost is far more sexy than HA after all, and I pretty enjoy myself with Node-RED).
Be assured that devices I buy are second hand (it’s better for my budget - and the planet :grinning:). And I often re-sell them afterwards - want nothing but real gifts on my :christmas_tree: !

Good idea, but I feel like it would be cumbersome in the pocket. I already own a pair of SZNB-01 that could be used and are probably smaller, but I would fear to lose them. I usually don’t drop my keys too much :wink:

I understand you, it seems to be a nice device but… :slight_smile:
Maybe a sonoff rf433 bridge and some compatible remote control, I use Moes YK2128-B.

Or this time, look for one that is compatible with ewelink and based on zigbee. :slight_smile: