Reconnect to Wifi after power outtage

After a power outtage most of my Sonoff devices reconnect to Wifi. The THR320/POWR316/GK200MP2 stop too soon looking for a working WIFI it seems. After an outtage and WIFI is online again I have to power cycle these for them to reconnect. Setting fixed IP addresses for these devices in router does not help. Is this something that can be fixed in the next firmware update? Extend the period to look for WiFI or increase the amount of tries to find a working Wifi?

I have a similar problem, especially with the load-shedding power outages here in South Africa. Even though I have solar and battery backup, the sub-second switchover time is too much for some of the devices and I sometimes have to power cycle to get them back online. Also - the wifi module does not always select the strongest signal access point (AP) - often it selects a weaker signal AP and I have to force it to reconnect to a different AP through my network management software.

So, it would be really good if the retry logic for the WiFi connection can be optimised - more / longer retry (maybe even waking up every 30 seconds) and selecting the AP with the strongest signal available.

How many devices on the router? Most routers have a limit of 32 (or lower).

31 of 100 allowed. Deco m9 plus.