Question about the "registri" and "messaggi" (in the italian version) tab of almost all Sonoff devices, where we found the log of all activities of the device, and in the messages tab of the app

The “registri” tab keeps in memory all acrivities of the device and goes back in time for… a very long period. However, it is mossinf two essential functions: DELETE and EXPORT. It is quite useless, for the user, to scroll months (may be years?) of activities but whithout having the possibiity to export this log (would be useful for many statistics or checks) and clear all history when is no longer needed.
SAME problem is faced in the “messaggi” tab, everything is there, but again, no export and delete options! Could you implement it? Thanks

Do you want to delete and export device logs and notice of “Message”?

Yes, have this funcrion in the app “messages”, but also be capable to export and delete the log of each individual device that has this log function.

May I know why are you expecting this notifications delete feature?

What is the plus of having a very long log, that need to be scrolled down for consulting it? This long log is containing notificatuons from different devices, whithout the possibility of downloading them to make statistics, if you want to consolidate data you have to make screenshots and then select and manually copy them. Unless I did not understand how it works