How to delete notification

How to o clear the notification…

Do you want to delete the “Notice” on the “Message” page in eWeLink?

Yes please…

We will evaluate whether to add a delete option. Do you want to delete some or all of the records?

I need delete notic and log

Notice and log or all memory . Thank you

All of the records

Got that. We’ll put it into our requirements list.

May I know why are you expecting this notifications delete feature?

I use a PIR sensor to notify me if someone enters a restricted area. The notifications flood the notice pane. It would be amazing to be able to dismiss these notifications.

But wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the notice?

In my opinion, no. Once you have been notified, you have been notified. Why should it be left there if it’s historic notifications?

Once I’ve been “informed” I would like the choice as to how I would like to handle what happens to the notification. In my case, I would like to dismiss it.

Much like my phone or PC, once I have acknowledged my new Message, Whatsapp, SMS, Missed Call, E-mail, etc, the notification is dismissed. Really no point in keeping it there indefinitely.


Get that, but it’s quite the different two things, the notifications of device state change display in the notes center of the phone is just like the SMS, CALL, mail etc, which can be ignored by demands, even enable or disable in the phone’s setting, but the notes in the APP is more like logs of the devices, usually cannot be deleted or modified.

It’s redundant though. You have device logs for that purpose. So, in the APP you have, depending on the device, logs or history, that give you historical device info. In my case, my PIR sensor. If I drill down into the RF Bridge, Select my PIR Sensor there is a “Recent Alarms” with a time stamp of the event. If I go into the “Message” tab >> Notice, I have the exact same Notices with the same time stamps. Recent Alarms can be cleared but notices not.

By my understanding, the notice section in the app is where push messages go, as well as other system notices, like Membership Notice. The main problem, for me at least, is that with many notifications it totally floods the Notice tab. If not enable a delete function, how about an archive function to just tidy it up a bit? So it’s still there and can be retrieved if need be.

I get what you are saying that it acts more like a log but then the naming is obscure and quite ambiguous . The very definition of “Log” is an official record of events. A notice on the other hand is purely to serve as a notification. Very different things.

Anyway, it’s not my thread so I’ll leave it to the OP to explain their original reason for the request. It just made sense to me.

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I would like to be able to delete notifications as well. I just installed the system on a home monitoring device and had to test the device several times. As a result I have a long list of meaningless notifications that I would like to delete. I only want notifications on my system that are both current and important (to me). Something happened last week or yesterday may not meet either one of those criteria. Some people may disagree so provide the option to delete for those who would like to use it.


The notifications are useless once one has read or acknowledged the notification. This is one of only 2 applications I have ever installed that doesn’t give the right to delete. Personally I Don’t See Why Developers Are Putting Up SUCH a fight.

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I would like to delete notifications too. In my case, I have put Zigbee temp sensors in my refrigerators. In the process of setting the sensors and scenes up, they triggered on a high temp, and rightfully so. I’d like to see these high temp alarms, along with the big list of other alarms, cleared out so I can only see what comes in new. I do not want to see what I’ve responded to since day 1.