a nice idea would be to add an option to enable or disable all notifications ( from all devices )manually from a scene or from the click of a button…

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Hi there, thanks for the suggestion. Actually if you wanna disable all notifications, you can do it on your cell phone Notification settings. May I know why you prefer enabling or disabling all notifications in eWeLink App?

Sometimes it is not so easy to turn off notifications from the mobile phone, it would be easier and easier for me if this application was an option

Thanks for your explanation. I will note it down and bring it to our team.

What’s weird is since I started paying for ewelink subscription, my notifications quit working for it all together and I cannot figure out for the life of me what the issue is because all notifications are enabled through my phone.i have a galaxy s21 uptra and android 13

Hi there, did you download the eWeLink App on Google Play Store? If so, that means it’s Google that sends you the notifications. If you did download it from Google, we will send you a APK to avoid this issue.

Yeah another came from there or the Samsung app store… definitely wouldn’t mind having the official version from y’all

I feel it’s the smart thing to do considering I get my subscription through you and not the play store…

Please download this APK and kindly let us know if the issue insists after installing this version.
By the way, actually, the subscription to Advanced Plan won’t affect your notifications receiving as they’re two independent events.

On the last part I figured as much because nothing in the app really changed after I switched to Pro. It’s still advertising for me to switch on the last page of options or whatever where it says my email address and pro status and below it it’s advertising me to get Pro still LOL. It’s just weird how I got a replacement phone and it reinstalled everything automatically and no matter what I do I can’t get notifications to work but I also got Pro shortly after I reinstalled everything so it was all about the same time and I just assumed and forgot that everything had just been reinstalled. But I’ll try this and get back to you. Thanks! I just don’t understand why the Play store version worked on the exact same phone prior other than the fact it updated to Android 13 shortly before and maybe I just didn’t notice on the other phone…

“App not installed as package appears to be invalid”

Hi there, it’s ok that you keep the previous app or download it on Google Play Store again. Our team is looking into this issue and working on solutions. It might take some time to fix it. We will keep you posted when everything is done.

Which issue? The notifications or that version not installing? Should I uninstall the app before trying to install this one because I upgraded when it couldn’t finish prior. I don’t figure that should have been done and that I should have done a fresh install of the program since it was from a different source and that is my bad let me try that because I need the notifications and I am going crazy without it because I don’t have windows so I like to know every little thing that happens inside and out of my house. But yes please do let me know when the issue has been fixed. And I’ll let you know promptly whether a fresh install of the application works or not. Thank you kindly.

The issue is referring to the failure to receive notifications on your Samsung.

After investigating the issue, we’ve discovered that this issue is common to some Android 9 and above systems default the battery option of our app to “Restricted”, which may prevent it from receiving push notifications. We understand how frustrating this can be, and we want to make sure that you can use our app to its fullest potential.

To help you resolve this issue, please follow the steps below to check the battery option for our app. If you find that the battery option is set to “Restricted”, you can change it to “Optimized” or “Unrestricted” to receive push notifications.

  1. Hold your Samsung mobile phone and find the eWeLink App icon on the desktop.

  2. Long press the app icon to see a small pop-up window.

  3. Click on the “Info” button in the upper right corner.
    samsung 1

  4. Check the battery options for the app.

  5. If the battery option is “Optimized” or “Unrestricted”, the app can receive push notifications while it’s in the foreground. If it’s set to “Restricted”, you will need to change it to “Optimized” or “Unrestricted” to receive push notifications.
    samsung 3

It’s best receive push notifications from our app at all times to set the battery option to “Unrestricted.” If you prefer to conserve battery life, you can set it to “Optimized,” but keep in mind that you won’t receive push notifications when the app is closed or running in the background. I hope this explanation helps!

Please know that we value your feedback and take your concerns seriously. If you have any further questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re here to assist you in any way we can. Thank you for choosing eWeLink!

It’s already on unrestricted. any other suggestions?

Thanks for the feedback. Digging into it again.

Hi there, could you record a video to show us your settings to Notifications as well as the Bettery on your Samsung phone?

Has insulting as that is, I’m both a programmer and a bug Hunter and I assure you that the settings are proper for it and it is only been going on since roughly the time I went pro and I am not sure if the problems started just before I went pro when I switched from a Galaxy S21 Ultra to this galaxy S21 Ultra after having a replacement sent to me. However most likely that’s not the case because I doubt that transferring it over settings included and downloading the app from the same place that I got the app on the last phone I’m going to change anything my notification settings should be the same and I have gone through and spent about 45 minutes trying to figure it out on my own and then waiting two weeks of screaming at the damn thing before reaching out to you guys and I don’t believe that it is helpful in my emotional case for you to be asking me such things when I’m telling you I haven’t noticed notification since I went pro even though absolutely nothing has seemed to change except for internet access that I been able to notice anyway. I only purchased Pro for the IFTTT integration which I only purchased IFTTT Pro for that reason as well. Matter of fact I wonder if I could somehow since all my wireless sensors for my security system also work with the sonoff wireless to internet box… Maybe there’s some way I could get all these sensors to be recognized by my security system and maybe I could just make my security system go off whenever the sensors are tripped. That way tell my app but it doesn’t have to be the sirens that go off I could just be notifications from that app that is called something like security something even cheaper than anything I’ve ever actually thought I don’t in my life but everything that works with it works with evil link as well and all the stone off stuff can be picked up by the alarm. I think that I just bought you guys some time before I start freaking out. I still haven’t tried uninstalling AV link and then installing the one you linked me to. I just tried basically upgrading so maybe if I uninstall, it’ll let me install that version and run it. I guess we’ll see. I might have to see if there’s some way to root this non bootloader unlockable S21 Ultra because there wasn’t when I first looked due to obvious reasons I just mentioned, and then modify your app on my own to go on different notification channels that are working properly… seems I have options they’re all just very complicated at the moment. Let me know when you have more ideas because I assure you the settings are unrestricted on the battery and it is always open because well I know when something never has to close and I never almost never restart my phone even. Also, every option that would normally have to be checked on the notifications is good to go and I have a very annoying sound that I have for all my other notifications as the tone for it and right over other apps is on and everything else under the sun. The even the little notification bubble number things are on. But that’s should be all that it means. I’m almost 40 and I really don’t appreciate that only Chinese companies insult my intelligence by asking me for a screenshot after I already tell them that the options are correct and how they are for every other one of my apps that need notification access and I also have all permissions enabled for the app cuz I know that was going to be the next question and I even went into special permissions and anything I could enable emailing for I did also. You could probably use it to take over my phone I don’t know maybe not since it’s not rooted and to my knowledge this version for some reason probably isn’t even rootable. This entire reply has been narrated and not read. If you need clarification on anything that it did not say correctly or spelled improperly that made it in any way not understandable, please feel free to ask and I will calmly reply but I am by no means calm right now so please forgive me but I hope you understand, as I’ve been programming phones since before Android existed. I do have a curse which made me become a bug hunter in the first place, of accidentally being the only person who gets the rarest and most complicated issues happened to them and only them. So I also apologize for that. Like I said it’s a curse and there’s nothing I can do about it though… but that’s why they pay me the big bucks. That and I can wander my way in the back door to most online systems but that’s an entirely other story. Thank you and good day… or night currently in your case most likely…

Hi there, we understand it’s very frustrating and annoying to find that even all settings are right but still, it turns out not to work. Our tech team is locating the issue again and I’ll get back to you if I have more info. We appreciate your patience.

Just letting you know that about 15 minutes ago the notifications began working out of nowhere. I’m guessing the app got updated and they figured it out. Thanks! If for some reason it doesn’t work in the future, I’ll return to this thread and let you know. But for now all is well! That was quick dev turn around and by God I think that’s the first time my complaints have got results in less than a month in regard to any company’s programs of any kind! You guys rock keep doing what you do! And as always I’ll continue to spread the word of the badassery you guys have going on with connecting everything!