Question about the advanced plan to use it in a home automation course?

Good morning, Ewelink team

I tell you, I am a Home Automation Teacher who is in charge of 20 students in a Vocational Training School. We are using Sonoff wifi and zigbee modules for teaching. The institution has an advanced account and my question is how can I work with said account with 10 groups at the same time? Yesterday we tried to use ewelink web and when entering the account on a pc to create scenes it did not allow another group to be connected. I need to have the possibility to teach them to configure and create scenes as a main part of the course. Thank you so much.

I know that you can share your devices with other users - but I do not know if these users can create their own scenes.

Maybe create another eWeLink account for one of your groups, share your devices with that account, and test if that account can create scenes with the shared devices

First, thanks for answering.

I already tried that a group create their own account in the ewelink app, I shared the devices but it does not allow creating scenes. Only use the ones that I create with the institution’s account. It’s quite a problem as you can’t use ewelink web and cast either.

Sorry - then I also don’t know

Or you can consider using iHost (AI bridge) for this purpose.
The iHost can use multiple terminals (web pages) accessing the same IP address to view and edit the iHost configuration (including scenarios) at the same time, allowing for the 10 groups of students you mentioned to use it together!
Note that iHost supports direct connection to Zigbee devices for control.
For WiFi devices with sonoff support for LAN control, you need to put the device and iHost under the same WiFi LAN, and then synchronize them to iHost after logging in and binding the ewelink account through the ewelink-CUBE add on of iHost-docker; for devices that don’t support LAN control, they can’t be synchronized to iHost.

Thank you so much…
The iHost I’m seeing since its launch. From what I’ve read it works with docker and it looks interesting. The problem is that I have not yet reached the distributors in my country since they do not have it in the catalog. I’ll have to wait and see if my school can buy it.