How many iHosts on the same network?

Hi, We have a large network coving 2 buildings and a workshop. WiFi is via 4x Ubiquity WiFi access points. All wired together linking buildings back to the router.

We have approx. 40x Sonoff devices on the network.

If we go down the iHost route, would we need 4x ihosts next to each wifi access point ? Or does the ihost connect to each Sonoff device via our already installed WiFi access points ?

IHost is Ethernet, not wifi. If your routers are connected locally to each other you only need 1.

Sorry forgot to say that all AP are on the same subnet.
So basically the SONOFF devices will connect to the APs as they are currently doing and the ihost will connect them all together ( host them)

It can control them not host them (for WiFi devices).

iHost communicate with them mostly locally, and they will work under eWeLink cloud/app no matter you have iHost or not.

Hope it cleared your confusion.

As long as they are able to talk to each other and you’ve not had a security setup with multiple VLAN or subnets 1 iHost should do it. The administrator can setup 5 dashboards with passwords so if you want different people to be able to control different things you can do that. There are limits for local Zigbee meshes, but it’s something like 128. Never seen a limit to wifi devices but I think the connection details are stored on the external SSD so it should be huge. I think 5 is too small and makes no sense for locally hosted servers rather than the web server but if you can combine whole buildings into dashboards you can fit it into 5.

Thank you, so in a nutshell, using a iHost on my network to control all my 40+ Sonoff devices. THe only advantage i will have compared to the ewelink cloud / app i am currently using is that it will communicate a bit quicker ? when i load the ewelink app, all items will refresh quicker ? Or is ihost used for making control panels ?

If they support LAN mode, you can even have them working without WAN access locally with iHost and local scenes