iHost and Sonoff devices on separate VLANs

Hi all

I have around 50 Sonoff devices in my house, all connected to a separate IoT VLAN for security reasons.

I have now received my iHost. I’m planning to add it to my primary VLAN, so that I can access the Cast from my mobile devices around the house.

Will the eWeLink Smart Home be able to pick up my local Sonoff devices when they are connected to a separate VLAN than the iHost? Or do I now need to move all my devices from the IoT VLAN to my primary VLAN?

ihost must be on the same VLAN as your iot devices

Thanks @Alexie

I was afraid of that response.

Having to move all my devices across is going to be a nightmare. Or is there a way to do this in bulk through the app or the web interface?

Or is there another way to put the iHost also on the IoT VLAN and then access the Cast from a different VLAN?

I’d assume that I am not the only person that is running a separate VLAN for IoT devices

Try Tailscale addon

Thanks - will do