Problems with the TF card Problemas con la tarjeta TF

Hello, I don’t know if this is the right place to ask my questions, but I’m new to this and I’m a bit lost, and also my English level is very low. Sorry in advance.
I just bought the iHost and I can’t get it to format the TF card,
Any suggestions…???
Thank you.

Hola, no se si este es el lugar mas adecuado para formular mis dudas, pero soy nuevo en esto y estoy un poco perdido, y además mi nivel de ingles es muy bajo. Perdón por adelantado.
Acabo de comprar el iHost y no consigo que formatee la tarjeta TF,
Alguna sugerencia …???

Hi, just the link below:

I have the same problem with a Kinston 128 GB which I bought at the same time as my iHost (same order).
I tried another card (PNY 64 GB) and it works fine.
I can use it on my computer, but it seems there is a problem with it as the iHost doesn’t succeed at formatting it.
Shame that the hardware recommended while buying a device doesn’t work properly !

I’m also having problems with my memory card (128Gb)… sometimes iHost loses connection with him, it is very difficult to complete an instalation and lots of time it “frezes”.
I already formated it a lot of times and reset my iHost about 20 times till now…

For sure that a patch for that will come very soon.
Sonoff is the best brand and is always there for us!

If exactly the same problem the TF bought in the same order and it doesn’t work on the ihost, I put it on a Sonoff camera and it works correctly. Today I get a new TF card and I hope I can solve the problem.

Si exactamente el mismo problema la TF comprada en el mismo pedido y no funciona en el ihost, la pongo en una cámara de Sonoff y funciona correctamente. Hoy me llega una nueva tarjeta TF espero poder solucionar el problema.

I’ve changed my new 128Gb TF Card for a old and smaller one (32Gb) and now everything works.
I was trying to install and run the Add-Ons since I’ve received my iHost (more or less 1 week) and formated the card at least 50 times and reseted my iHost at least 20 times because all the instalations stoped before come to the end…

It seems that there is a Bug for the larger capacity TF Cards…

I have just installed a ScanDisk Extreme 128 GB - 90NB/s".
and it has recognised and formatted it first time, so far working fine.

Acabo de instalar una ScanDisk Extreme 128 GB - 90NB/s"
y la ha reconocido y formateado a la primera, de momento funcionando corectaménte