Problem with ns panel pro sleep mode

Hello after i updated to version 2.4.0 the panel is always open and i cant find sleep mode setting.
Any idea?

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Indeed, sleep mode is gone or moved somewhere. Also, automatic brightness doesn’t seem to work properly.
Will a schedule be added for the screen so that active periods can be set? For example, at night with minimum brightness.

I think it has something in scenes menu but i havent check it yet…

The NSPanel Pro card in the app is full of surprising inventions. The whole thing feels like a patchwork, stitched together from different fabrics and textures. It gives the impression of having been created by several teams working without consulting each other. It is better not to talk about ergonomics. Now the sleep mode settings have been removed and, for some obscure reason, inserted into the scenes section.

By the way, NSPanel and NSPanel Pro are different products, but elementary unification of the interfaces is not, I believe, an unreasonable expectation.