NSPanel Pro Losing Scene screen

Hi Team,
From about 2 weeks, I lose from my NS Panel Pro, the section with the scenes, I did a try to reset it and configure again the scene that I want to have on it, but my setting didn’t get applied.

My device id is : 10017a7d6c


Are you saying that manual scenes on NSpanel Pro are not executed?

Hi @Erin ,
The problem is that the scenes are not shown at all on the NSPanelPro.

I can see only the devices screen and the home screen.


Hi, I had the same thing happen to my NS Panel Pro. I only can see devices and no scenes anymore…

When the NSPanel Pro is updated to version 1.3 firmware, “Scene” screen will be hidden by default.

You upgrade the eWeLink app to the latest version(4.26.x), you can open the “Scene” screen for NSPanel Pro in the eWeLink app.

How come the latest ewelink app version isn’t available in Australia yet?

contact “support@ewelink.zendesk.com” and they will send you one

I did a try to check in the Italian google playstore, and I have also no new version available. when it will be released?

Hi there, the new version will be available on the google play store in 2-3 days, please wait patiently.

Thanks, why don’t they specify the release date when they publish the new features available in the new firmware version.

Hi Ross, generally it will take 1-3 days or even longer when we have successfully submitted the app for review no matter if it’s released on the Google Play Store or App Store.