Scenes created in eWeLink web are not shown in iOS app

Hi, I created a scene in eWeLink web it uses web hooks, but I don’t see it in iOS app, does the iOS app supports scenes from web version?
Or is there any way I can make them visible in the app?
If I get NSPanel will it show my webhooks driven scenes?

Hi there, thanks for your feedback. Currently, WEBHOOK scenes can only be created and edited on the eWeLink Web, cannot be displayed in the eWeLink app. We have submitted this requirement to our internal team for further evaluation, and hope to get back to you soon with a timeline. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience and understanding.

This is very disappointing taking in the consideration that the only reason why I bought the pro subscription are web hooks!

Question to comunity: is there an alternative?

Let me try to understand your request correctly, what you need is show the WebHook scene in the App and Control with screens, like NSPanel Pro?

I’m confirming that the WebHook scene is actually shown in nspanel pro and I’m able to execute it and it works.

Based on my today findings the only missing part is support in the iOS app:

  • show the WebHook scene in the App (I’m talking only about showing them, not execute),
  • allow to add them to home screen of NSPanel, right now I can’t add them to home screen because for this I need to use the app, and there I can’t see them
  • (low priority) execution of WebHook scene in the app


Thx for the feedback! The high-demand feature for WebHook scenes in app is already in estimation phase.

Small update, after configuring the NSPanel pro I found out that actually it also doesn’t support WebHook scenes.