NSPanel Pro shortcomings

A somewhat cluttered interface that gives the impression of adding more functions without any logical positioning. Perhaps it is time to review and tidy up or make a new one?
The weather forecast freezes and does not refresh the temperature on the home screen. Sometimes no value is given. Then you must reboot, which is a nuisance. The size of the characters (digits) is too small.
The automatic screen brightness adjustment does not seem to work properly. The “sleep” option, which works very well in NSPanel, is missing.
I believe that other users will add their comments and observations.

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Hi there, thank you for the feedback. Could you please submit a ticket via in-app “Help & Feedback”?
About the “sleep” feature, NSPanel Pro has the ‘Auto-lock’ option on the Display page.

Yes, it has, but it’s not the same. NSPanel has the “Energy saving mode”, and you can switch on or off. When NSPanel Pro goes locked, its screen is off. There’s nothing in between. No dimming option is available. You can’t see clock at night. In general, it’s not easy to locate it in darkness.
BTW - how about presence or proximity sensor to wake NSPanel Pro? After all, it has a camera. Will it perform well as a sensor in the dark?