Is the Auto mode of NsPanel Pro working (actions trigerred based on auto schedule) for you?


I’m unable to get the Auto mode of the Ns Panel pro triggering the required actions which are sheduled in the ‘Auto’ mode configuration.
The scheduled actions are not executed by the Ns Panel Pro (even if I switch back to manual and after to auto). If I do the same (switch to manual and after to auto) from the eWelink application, the correct action is trigerred.

Of course my expectation is that the correct action should be scheduled and executed by Ns Panel Pro which is not the case. I have tried with multilple mobile device and also with multilple Ns Panel Pro and the behaviour is the same…

→ Do you face the same issue ? How did you eventually solved this issue ?

NsPannel Pro is working perfectly in Manual Mode.
I was able thanks to eWelink scene to switch to manual/auto at specific time of the day but this option has disappeared (I do not know if it is normal) from the eWelink version 5.2…

Your help will be very much appreciated.


What action should NSPanel pro trigger exactly? What do you have in mind? Honestly, I don’t quite get your problem.

Hi. Sorry if I have not correctly explained the issue. As extra information. Ns PanelPro is turning on and off my heating system via a Sonof 4CH PRO. This is configured in the Ns PanelPro by indicating which device (so in my case one channel of the Sonof 4CH PRO) should be turned on when the temperature detected by the sensor is 0,5 degree below the temperature defined/requested in the Ns PanelPro and turned off when the temperature is 0,5 degree above the defined/requested temperature. All of this is working perfectly when the Ns PanelPro is in mode Manual which allows the user to update manually the targeted temperature with the touchscreen of the Ns Panel Pro or via the digital interface of eWelink for the Ns Panel Pro.
The issue I face is appearing when the NsPanel Pro is in ‘Auto’ mode. In this mode, the requested temperature is defined via a digital scheduler integrated in the NsPanel Pro. Per default, the temperature is the same for all days of the week and whatever the time of the day. I updated this configuration to have different temperatures based on the time of the day (20 degrees Celcius between 7AM and 9AM, 17 degrees from 9AM until 6PM, 20 degrees from 6PM until 10PM and 17 degrees from 10PM until 7AM).
With this setup I expect that the Ns Panel Pro in Auto mode is turning on and off my heating system (as explained above and perfectly operational in manual mode) depending of the temperature detected by the sensor and of the targeted temperature depending of the time of the day.
Unfortunately, this is not the case meaning that as example after 10PM, the heating system stays on even if the temperature of the sensor is much above the targeted temperature (as targeted temperature until 7PM is 20 degrees and as of 10PM is only 17 degrees). The new taregted temperature is not taken into account…

I hope that these explainations are clarifying the issue.

Once again, any help is very much appreciated.

All clear now, thanks. Except that NSPanel Pro is not the triggering device here. To put it in a nutshell, it gives you an interface to control - a kind of frontend. The scheduler is not in NSPanel. The configuration is done in the eWeLink app or the eWeLink web service. You have probably created scenes and/or schedules. And this is most likely where the problem is, not with NSPanel Pro.

Hi. Thanks you for your feedback. Not sure if it is eWelink or Ns Panel Pro which is doing the scheduling. The schedule can’t be defined from the Ns Panel Pro. Only possible to configure it from eWelink BUT in the configuration of the Ns Panel Pro device. It is not configured with eWeLink scene at least visible for a eWelink user.
At the end, this means, so far for me, that Ns Pannel Pro can NOT be used in ‘Auto’ mode which is a major limitation of the product (not possible to schedule time of day during which the temperature must be higher or lower).

Any scheduling and automation is done in eWeLink cloud service. I suggest that you analize your settings further. They are usually the result of user errors or omissions. I happened to investigate the reasons, only to discover that I had misplaced the conditions.
Take some screenshots a show them to us here.

Please find here an example of automation I configured with eWelink in the Ns Pannel Pro configuration section.
May I ask if you or someone else has succeeded to have the ‘Auto’ mode of the Ns Pannel Pro triggering the temperature update at specific time of the day ?

I have separate schedules for weekdays and weekends. They operate in auto mode as intended. In addition, I have several scenes set up in the eWeLink app. A scene called ‘Boost’ runs as a tap to run. It sets the TRVZB temperature in the living room to 28 degrees which makes the valve fully open. Then, after a 30-minute delay, the TRVZB returns to schedule mode. The next one is automatic and assumes that every day at 22:00 the TRVZB goes into auto mode, regardless of ad hoc changes. They are applied flawlessly every time.
I have tapped the ‘Boost’ scene many times in NSPanel Pro. I also run it on my phone when getting home earlier than planned.

Thanks for sharing these good news. Nevertheless, I see a major difference between my setup which is electric heating system controled by Sonof 4CH PRO) and your for which you are using TRVZB device.
As exemple, not possible for a scene to define the temperature of the Ns pannel Pro and even no more possible since version 5.2 of eWelink to define the mode (manual vs auto) of ‘the Ns Pannel Pro’ device. eWelink support has confirmed to me they removed temporarly this functionality in the version 5.2 of eWelink due to some issues. They hope to re-enable the possibility to define the mode (Auto vs Manual) via a scene when they will have found the root cause of the issue…
I understand in your case with the boost method that you are not changing the temperature of the thermostat ‘Ns Pannel Pro’ but directly update the target temperature of the TRVZB device… Correct ?
From the automation you did with NsPannel Pro (update the target temperature evert day ar 22:00), could you please send to me some print screen (once again I expect to have this configuration in the eWelink part related to Ns Pannel Pro ‘Auto’ confguration (cfr 2nd print screen of my previous post).
Thanks a lot for your support and feedback.

The way the scenes work, however, is the same. A separate thing is, of course, the capabilities of the hardware itself. In this respect you are right.

Interesting, because for the TRVZB I can define the temperature in manual mode. The inability to set the mode is not due to the NSPanel Pro, as this does not have the software responsible for creating scenes. This functionality belongs to the eWeLink app (platform).

The way it works is that the eWeLink app sends a request to TRVZB via the platform (cloud). The control is from the app or from the NSPanel. I can also switch to manual mode with the dial, as the TRVZB can operate in standalone mode, without connection to the cloud, taking into account schedules. The temperature sensor is in the TRVZB. The panel does not have one. So it can be assumed that the control logic sits in the TRVZB.

I hope that helps a little bit.


So current conclusion it is currently not possible to automate electric heating systems with the NsPannelPro using the ‘Auto’ mode (definition of temperature depending of the time of the day). As the automation should be done with the combination of eWelink and NsPannel Pro it is unclear so far where is the issue but at the end this is not the most important for me as user. The alternative way to use eWelink scene to configure the NsPannel Pro (mode)as been remove from eWelink 5.2 due to issue (feedback received from eWekink support) and the possibility to configure with eWelink scene the temperature of the Ns Pannel Pro does not exist yet…

  1. Automatic update of target temperature at specific time of the day NOT WORKING with NsPannel Pro configuration (done from eWelink)
  2. Automatic update of target temperature at specific time of the day NOT POSSIBLE from eWelink scene (as the setting is not available in eWelink)
  3. Automatic update of the mode ‘Auto’ vs ‘Manual’ NO MORE POSSIBLE from eWelink scene since eWelink (v5.2) (was possible with eWelink 5.1).This functionality should be re-appear in the futur if/when eWelink company will have found and solved the issue (I do not know which one) they discovered and for which they decided to remove the functionility
    —> DO NOT PURCHASE CURRENTLY Ns Pannel Pro in case you want to have some temperature automation as this is NOT working for the time being. Based on “Jam3”, feedback, automation is operational is you use the configuration of other device like ‘TRVZB’ which is not applicable for eletric heatign system.