Power management/load sensors execute scene

I think that could be very intersting introduce the possibility to manage as trigger the load/Power sensors of many Power module switches.

For example: if we use a POW R2 or a Wall mount Power CB( Circuit Breaker), we can set as Power limit
trigger of that device, to execute a particolar Scene that could start a routine to Power on or Power off other loads under other Power switches. Viceversa, if the Power load Is love, another scene could trigger on other devices.

Pratical use: in a domestic environment, we can Imagine that we have many power loads, and some are with High priority, and other could have minor priority. In that case, we colud manage the shutting down process in a predefined order in a specific scene, when the Total Load in an Electric branch Is reached, until the guard level Is reached down again.

I think to the Power limit scene, as a sort of thermostat in a climatic scene. The goal Is to configure a fully customizable Power management set of scenes, that allows US to never go in overload, and ti distribuite automatically loads when other big loads are down again.


Hi sir, about making a specific value as the triggers, we are working on this, but end up whether one power metering device is feature with similar feature, will mainly depend on the hardware side.

I’ll definitely love this function :slight_smile:

how much longer it may take for this option to be available, it would be of great help to the entire community to be able to program scenes based on the power and current values ​​of the DIYPOWERR2 devices

This depends on the capabilities of the device, which the current POWR2 device can’t do because it doesn’t regularly upload current and voltage data to the server (it only syncs data to the APP when you need to display it when you open the device page). The new version of POWR3 will probably support this, but it will still be up to the device to report data to the server.

Hello Alexie,

thanks for your answer. Do you know if the new models spm main and relay will have the function.

We are implementing cryptomining and we want to do all the control with your devices. We need to be able to trigger actions on the power used on each channel.

thank you very much for the help

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The SPM It is not currently supported, but it can be updated to have this function later.

There will be a new POW device released in the next few months, and they will support this scene.

Hello everyone, the new POW elite allows Power management/load sensors execute scene?