Open Source CUBE

Is there any plans on open sourcing eWelink Cube that runs on iHost?
I know the add-ons are available on github but I didn’t find anything about the CUBE itself.
I’d like to propose some improvements on the UI (although I’m a backend developer) and maybe some other stuff as well.

Thank you

Thank you.
Would you have any references?
It is not that I don’t believe it, it is just because I couldn’t find with the forum search (or my keywords weren’t good enough) and I’d like some additional information on it.

Thank you!

I have to agree, it was VERY frustrating.

If it’s really dead it should be open, at least we could do something about it.

Hi, marceloballoni.
I noticed that you mentioned UI imporvement.
Is there any dissatisfaction about our UI?
Would you care to elaborate your suggesstion or opinion?

Hi SuiKa! really nice to hear from you!

Most of it is a matter of personal taste, for instance the modals. I’d prefer a more flat design such as material UI where there is almost no modals at all but a fluid view transition. This way it is a lot easier for a responsive design and better usage of the available screen.

For improvements itself:

  • responsiveness: it does not work on mobile at all, most of the screen is hidden even with a horizontal scroll (I’m talking about the admin screen).
  • cast: take for example google home and alexa, the design is also more flat and look more modern.
  • when building the icons for cast it is not possible to change some shapes (a button will always have the text, it could be smaller, etc).

Other than that I believe you are in a good way, it is “just” a matter (no pun intended) of the new significant features.

Thank you, I appreciate your willingness to hear from us!

Thanks for your suggestion.
We’ll see what we can do.

@SuiKa This is what we need. Configuring ihost via phone is not possible at the moment.