NSPannel Pro does not make calls to each other

Why is the possibility of intercommunication advertised when it is not true?

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. The advertising claims are definitely real, and many users are using this feature normally.

If you are sure that they are the latest version of the firmware and that they are all added under the same account, then they must be able to communicate - if not, there is definitely a problem and we will help you solve this problem.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. The photo shows the devices recently updated to version 1.11.0.

I also noticed that when the call arrives, the generic name appears on the reception screen and not the name assigned to the device and chosen by me.

I also noticed that these devices can only be changed via app and not via web page like other sonoff devices.

thank you to help me.

Let’s slolve the first problem: Are these two NSPanel Pros added under the same account? Can these two NSPanel pros call each other ?

I see them inside the same account in the ewelink application iOS.
I also reset and added again via qr-code to the account.
I realized that the second device I add, only that can make and calls between panels.
When I first boot, it asks me for the language and time zone but it doesn’t automatically set the time zone correctly but i think is another issue. :sweat_smile:

You need to check another panel in the “Devices” Settings of each panel to call the device you selected. Please confirm whether this call to ecah other problem has been solved?

At present, changing device names and Settings can only be done in the app. web support is not yet available, and future web upgrades may support it - but it seems that it should not be in the planned task at present.

Regarding the device name display problem when displaying the call prompt, our test found that it will be synchronously displayed as the device name you modify in the app. Please try it again

The name while receiving the call has now synchronized, so this issue has been resolved.
Instead, calls via ewelink app have no problem being made on each individual panel by selecting it one by one. But I still have the problem that one of the two panels does not display on the screen the possibility of starting the call to the other panel.

If I try to reset, through the eWelink application, the panel that does not display the ability to make the call, the panel that previously had the ability to call stops seeing the call icon.

when I add the second panel again then u the last one reappears the call icon

When you add a second device, we add the first one to its contact list by default, so you see the icon for the call. But - at this point the second device is not in the contact list of the first device, so you will not see the icon of the call on the screen of the first device.

What you need to do is - go back to the app, select the details page of the first device, select the “Device” icon, then select the corresponding screen, and then check the second device to add it to the contact list. If you save it, you’ll find it. - There it is.

ok it’s a very hidden thing and maybe they should find an automatism that manages it because I think it’s normal for the dispsitives to call each other. Now everything works, as I can see from the photo

Many thanks to professionalism and patience. :heavy_heart_exclamation: