NSPanel Pro home screen

Hello, I am looking to customise the home screen of the NSPanel Pro. I have looked and looked but must be missing something.
I would like to add additional “buttons” to the home screen like shown on several promotional images.

On my NSPanel Pro I only have the disarm button and I cannot find any place either in the ewelink app or on the device itself to change the layout of the home screens.
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The first is the cammer button, which is used to quickly open the camera and watch videos. It only appears if you have a cammer device under your eWeLink account. The last one is the call button, which is used to call another NSPanel Pro - it only appears if you have more than 2 NSpanel Pro devices under your eWeLink account.

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Thanks Alexie for your quick reply.

Is it possible to hide the disarm button if you don’t use/want it?

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Next year, there will be an updated version update that will allow you to customize all the buttons and content displayed on the home page


good news, we are waiting for the update.

More than three screens are needed to display devices, and a button to quickly return to the home screen would be useful.

Will it be any soon next year?