NSPanel Pro disconnects from wifi

I have two NS panel pro and both disconnects from wifi constantly
One with the last update 3.0.0 the other one with v1.5.6
I have to reboot the device to connect again to the wifi network otherwise it cannot connects.
My router is a zyxel

Under the Zyxel brand are a whole multitude of routers. Which model do you have? Is it possible to be more precise? Are the two panels at a similar distance and location?

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You are right, it’s a Zyxel AX600

One Panel is close to the router and the other one one floor below the router.

Did you reboot your router?

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Yes many times and nothing changes, it’s annoying

If you have Wifi range extenders using same Wifi name - this can cause an issue. Caused for me…

In general, using range extenders is not the best idea.

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Yes, in fact, I have a wifi extender. So this is the problem?

Yes, this is the likely culprit of the problem.

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Well in my case ZBBridge-P lost connection to WiFi as there was a power loss at my home.
After that looked like it tried to connect back to WiFi but the WiFi extender was messing something up as it shares same SSID (WiFi network name) as the main router.

What I noticed it really depends which signal is stronger.
As now I have better main router, extender is not an issue so far… even after power cut.