NS Panel Thermostat ~ handling offline thermostats

Let me paint a picture…

NS Panel Pro uses a sensor (SNZB-02D) to monitor temperature in a room and turn on a heat source (MINIR2) when the temperature gets too low. The heat source is a gas-fired boiler which heats a whole property.

In the circumstance where the sensor goes offline, what does the NS Panel do when deciding if the heating should be on or off?

Currently, it’s only possible to select one sensor to be the ‘governor’ of whether heating is required or not. I would like to propose that ‘ANY’ or ‘ALL’ type functionality is employed to help determine heating (or cooling) is controlled. So if the sensor in room #1 is not available, sensor in room #2 is used, and if that is also offline, room #3. So the functionality should have a flow-based approach, determined by a hierarchy set by the user, with an option to determine heating or cooling based on either ‘ALL’ sensors or ‘ANY’.

Of course, independent control with TRVZB’s would help to overcome this predicament, but not everyone has a working TRVZB deployment at this stage!

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