NS Panel Pro Node Red Password

Is there a way to password protect the Node Red on an NS Panel Pro that I haven’t thought of? With an iHost you can edit the settings file and add a hashed password that way, but on the NS Panel Pro there is not an obvious way to access that file.

May I ask where did you run your Node-Red instance?

I run it on an iHost normally but thought I might also run it on an NS Panel Pro as per this
When it says “ (NSPanel Pro needs to be connected to the same local network as the device running Node-RED” does that mean the Node Red instance (and server) does not run on the NS Panel Pro but rather the eWeLink Cube server which then connects to Node Red running somewhere else?

yes, iHost or other devices running Node-Red in your LAN

I believe the NS Panel Pro has a more powerful chip and memory than most Sonoff things. Is there a reason other than password and other settings that mean it can’t run locally?

My thinking was that if scenes ran locally using node Red they wouldn’t need local wifi to be working as long as they used the NS Panel Pro’s Zigbee network.

It’s not about performance. They target different users; iHost focuses primarily on local functionalities, while NSPanel Pro relies more on the eWeLink platform.

I think that is probably a mistake because Node Red adds so much functionality, because then Bode-Red-Flows using only Zigbee could run even when the wifi is down or interference broken ( as the NSPP does not have Ethernet) and a lot of people don’t have an always on computer at home on which to run Node Red. Plus you can already find people who have pushed NR using the Android Debug Bridge and found it worked.
The limiting factor would appear to be the need to access the settings (from memory password, SSH and Context Storage) and the legal issues of installing a free open source project, although it’s already android so that’s not a new issue. But having already created a palette with virtual devices allowed that seems like a relatively small amount of work for the huge amount of extra power it gives users.