Create NodeRed login for Ihost

Good afternoon, I have a problem with ihost, and let’s see if you can help me. I installed NodeRed to program since it is more powerful for making scenes. But I have realized that the IP is left exposed. I have read that you have to modify a settings.js file. But I don’t know how I can access the ihost files. Greetings and thank you

I haven’t tried but I think it’s built into Node RED and you just need to edit a settings file.

Pretty sure my Home Assistant Node Red also doesn’t need a password either. Was planning on locking both but never got round to it.

You need to install the File Manager plugin (read here) and that will give you access to the file system. With that you can edit the settings.js on the iHost.

And check this article on how to configure access to the Node-Red editor. That should fix your problem.

As the guide suggestes you can run node-red admin hash-pw to generate the hash for the password, but I have no idea how you can run that on the iHost.

Also keep in mind that after all these changes the editor is still accessed via unsecure http communication. Therefore I would not open up the port and make it accessible via the internet.

Node-Red uses bcrypt to hash the password. Since you cannot run node-red admin hash-pw just google “bcrypt online” and there are online tools to create a hash for your password.

Thanks for the link, with the firebrowser I created the volumen to later modify the settings.js, the tutorial is very well explained, I don’t know why I haven’t seen it. To generate BCRYP I leave you a link with this generated you modify the password you use.