No zigbee mesh

Hi. I have a eWeLink CUBE Version Fw 1.10.1.
The cube signal is useless. I have 3 ZBMini (not L version). none of them act as a repeater/router for my End-Devices(sensors).
So what is the point of this device with no mesh capabilities?
Please don’t came with solutions like to put usb sticks in to sockets or light bulbs…etc… I have some sonoff devices that I can’t use… simple mesh/signal repeater…
Switch back to wifi sensors… they eat batteries…but they work…
P.S. sonoff dw2 wifi, can’t be managed by this “CUBE”

That is odd because my devices definitely act as routers. I even have routers connecting to routers. In contrast to Zigbee to Home Assistant and Zigbee2MQTT the Zigbee map doesn’t look very messy but there’s definitely extensions.
My experience with not just Sonoff is that some devices love expanding networks and some less so. There doesn’t appear to be a logic though. I have these Zigbee LED things from Aliexpress and despite being half the price whether I add them to the iHost, ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT loads of stuff connects to them. Also this MOES MM wave presence thing that predates the Sonoff sensor is really good in ZHA and Z2M. Last time I checked it didn’t work in iHost.
I would guess that you are getting a lot of interference on the frequency your Zigbee network is on. They really need to let us select bands like both ZHA and Z2M do.

After 3 days with no mesh, no signal…etc I was one step from “throwing it”.
Power off/unplug the iHost for 30 mins… after power up the mesh was finaly as it should be…
So there must be an option for flushing the zigbee nnetwork and rebuild… if you just let it be, it will not rebuild itself