Zigbee repeater support

Will there still be support for zigbee repeaters? The zigbee range of the cube is minimal, so that sensors do not work properly or even disappear here in the house.

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Use a router device to extend your Zigbee network. Any such device that connects to a coordinator has the ability to repeat the signal. Zigbee is a mesh network, so the extension of coverage will happen on its own. It’s already added :slight_smile:

Just add a mains powered Zigbee device to your iHost. Most of such devices are a Zigbee router and thus extends the signal.

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Apparr from the other suggestions, you can also use a dongle-e, re flashed as zigbee router

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Adding some mains powered plugs should work in theory but it works fine only in theory. I’ve added S26ZB to iHost which is located about 5m from iHost. Recepction of S26zb is as bad as iHost signal. Sensors connected to S26 (located 2m from plug) have minimal recepctin. That is why I had to use dongle-e, it solved the problem. As you know many iHost users cmplaining about iHost radio so why not to give customers possibility to turn it off and work with dongle P or E (sonoff made) connected to iHost USB as a coordinator. It would open also new possibilities for HA. In my case iHost radio is rubish now and I don’t understand why it’s so bad, it has the same EFR32…

Because iHost limits the transmission power in order to meet the CE and FCC RF certification requirements, it currently uses only 9dB of transmission power - while the dongle you use is used at the maximum chip transmission power of 20db.

We are considering the next version, which can allow users to choose to increase the transmission power of iHost to 20dB - of course, in order to comply with the law, the default transmission power of the device is only 9dB, and the user can choose to increase the power to 20dB after receiving the warning reminder on the Settings page

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Thank you, your answer is clear and now I understand the reason of weak radio signal.
Writing about “next version” you mean hardware or firmware?


i have a lot of sonoff zbmini r2 devices at home but they all connect directly to ihost. Can zbmini devices connect to each other to increase the range of the zigbee network.

zigbee’s network connection is chosen by the SDK , and the application layer code cannot directly intervene. We can’t advise you how to change the zigbee network connection path

I managed to connect zbminir2 to another zbminir2 but the zigbee map does not show the connection. devices fly in the air.

is it not ihost software’s fault

Confirmed, the same problem in my network Repeater can connect to other repeater but on the map it looks like it was disconnected. I know it’s connected because it works OK.

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Same with the router firmware flashed ZigBee bridge connected to iHost :slight_smile: devices connected to it are in the air (at least a few)

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What device name do you refer to? please further describe the issue and the expected result which would be helpful for us the address the case.

the zigbee map does not show the connection between the router ( zbmini) and the router ( zbmini) and devices connected to the other router(ID:

You can try and use nspanel pro to broad your network and use paral sync add on


when the patch will be available, otherwise I will have to spend euros for a dongle, ugh…


Often Tuya compatible Zigbee small light switches work with iHost and are cheaper than repeaters. Bit ugly though but if you can think of use they can have two roles: 1st as a switch 2nd as a repeater. The Sonoff Zigbee Basics seem permanently out of stock, so you’re better off just getting a cheap Tuya switch and putting it in a box.
If you don’t have USB ports on your plug sockets then it seems a waste to put in a USB power adapter just for a repeater.

Edited to add;: think this is the current cheap switch I am using although they can be cheaper
As you can see even with a cheap case (just check the depth - my smallest cases are too flat) it’s cheaper than most repeaters.

I have the switch you are pointing out too, Sonoffs are hard to find, but they don’t have the range of a dongle.

I hope for a patch as soon as possible.