Does SONOFF Ihost need a range extender?

How can I connect devices that are not near the IHost?
Has anyone got recommendations?

You need a zigbee network repeater like this one

You can also use this switch that works as a repeater, it’s cheaper and you can use it to turn on/off something remotely

How to install a zigbee network repeater in a zigbee network? I am asking about zigbee network repeater “small USB stick” without setting?

Can a Sonoff zigbee USB dongle (router) be used?

Something like this work as a repeater with iHost out of the box. You need to check in iHost Ziggbee2Cube to discover it.!PLN!26.48!26.43!!!6.54!!%402100b69816896904616261268d077c!12000032317817792!sea!PL!700680790&curPageLogUid=VcEbHs1qAvCq

Zigbee Dongle-E (flashed with router firmware) works as well but it is discovered as a light.

Thank you!