New web Update

This is a downgrade frpm the previous UI!
Can´t understand why is like this.
Please put it all back!

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Currently, the basic WEB version is 3.0, which a few hours ago was a beta version available at a separate address, and the basic version was probably 2.25.

Apparently they decided to change it and version 3.0 WEB is now the basic version and you probably won’t do anything with it, the process of evolution…

Hi there, the eWeLink web has been fully updated to version 3.0 interface. Thank you for the feedback on the new web interface. Our goal is to evolve our services in ways that improve overall user experience, but clearly, in this case, we have more work to do to get the design right.

We’re wondering if you have any specific suggestions about the current interface. Hearing your thoughts will help us gather enough user feedback to provide to the product managers for further requirements evaluation.

This NEW eWeLink website HOME page is terrible

The old one was much better and providing more informations on one screen.

But… I like NEW SCENE page which is more clear and better organised.

So… eWeLink Staff… please bring OLD HOME Page Layout !!!

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