eWeLink WEB - new skin new setting I DONT LIKE IT - How Change?

For some time I had an offer to test the new version of eWeLink WEB and I took it and immediately went back to the old version. Now a new version has been forced on me… I want to change it because the new version is hopeless… to activate something I have to directly access the device/driver. I don’t want that. How to change the menu appearance to the old one?

Agree , prefer the old look in dark mode


Currently, the basic WEB version is 3.0, which a few hours ago was a beta version available at a separate address, and the basic version was probably 2.25.

Apparently they decided to change it and version 3.0 WEB is now the basic version and you probably won’t do anything with it, the process of evolution…

Hello, the eWeLink website has been fully updated to version 3.0.
If you prefer easier control, you may try eWeLink CAST (navigate to the CAST menu on eWeLink web to have a try)

This NEW eWeLink website HOME page is terrible !!!

The old one was much better and providing more informations on one screen.

But… I like NEW SCENE page which is more clear and better organised.

So… eWeLink Staff… please bring OLD HOME Page Layout !!!

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To my opinion the new skin is quite nice


But HOME page is providing much less informations.

Old layout was much better.

Your experience my depends from what devices are you using.

I currently miss filtering by “offline/online” device status. Recently, several of my devices is offline periodically and I’m trying to find out what the cause of this problem is.