Ewelink cast web page not displaying only basic text

Hello everyone

I hope someone can assist me.

Since this morning i am unable to access ewelink cast on any device’s. The webpage only displays basic text, referring to landscape mode for tablets.

I used this funtion for tablets in the property as we have many sonoff devices.

Thank you

Is it working now? if not can you attach a screenshot?

Good Morning
Thank you for your reply.

I only see a blank page when using the link https://cast.ewelink.cc/ on all laptops, desktops and tablets on any network, be it Mobile data or Fibre internally or externally. This worked perfectly till yesterday morning. I am on the advanced ewelink plan.

Kind regards

It may be a problem caused by the server cache, please confirm whether Cast is back to normal now

Hello Sorry for only replying now, you are correct it started working properly the very next day.

This discusion can be closed