Multiple Matter Account in Matter Bridge

Hi guys,

I have link google account inside the matter bridge in iHost. Now I’m trying to more platform (Samsung things) but there is no option to do so. I cannot see any options to add more matter connections.

Can someone advise me how I can do this?

Do you have a Samsung Matter hub? e.g. smartthings station

I have the same issue. I had Apple Home paired to the Matter Bridge on IHost but I needed to remove it to pair the Matter Bridge to Alexa. How do you pair to multiple systems ? iHost V1.14.0

Hey all

You need to enable pair mode in the matter platform you have connected like Apple home, and get a QR code/PIN there.

You need to get a code from the second device. The first device connects the second but after that it’s the second. For ages the Matter Beta on Horne Assistant didn’t have this function and it confused me but then they added it.