Missed the Scheduled Task due to an Internet/Power Outage

In case of an Internet Outage, the scheduled task can be missed either to ON or OFF. In such situations would there be a workaround can be invented to have the “By-pass” action. I know there is a Button to bypass but if the device installed on a high area/ground where access is physically restricted/difficult, then this option will be really useful.

In case of a Power failure , the scheduled task can be missed either to ON or OFF, Once the power restored if the schedule is still within the expected duration, Device should smart enough to trigger the expected Task. Can this be enabled ?
This was logged as Support ticket but NO better response for it.


Could you please give us a specific scene? And how would you expect it to work?


Hey Sir.,
Thanks for the response. Let me explain 2 similar like scenarios.

Assume I am scheduling a Power ON a FAN at 9 AM and Run it till 11 AM. (9 – 11 AM).
If a power outage or Internet Outage happens at 8.50 AM and it recovers at 9.15 AM.

This is still within the Schedule I wanted the FAN to be powered ON by the SONOFF scheduled device which didn’t happen (missed) due to power or Internet outage.

Can the device make intelligent enough to Pass the power ON signal to the FAN as soon as power restored ? Because 9.15 AM is still within the original schedule which I wanted the FAN to operate within.

Other scenario, same as before while having the same schedule, Internet outage where I am loosing control of the (Power ON the Fan) using the ‘By-pass’ button on the SONOFF device. Because device is installed in High UP in the roof where I cant reach to the ‘By Pass’ Button. Instead of Bluetooth solution you have on a advanced version of SONOFF, for ordinary devices is there a workaround solution ??

Thx for your explanation!

I am not sure if this is achievable as the schedule feature you mentioned should be a built-in timmer running within the device;

I will let our team know if there’s a better way for this scenario.

Thanks again for your feedback!

Are we talking about a Schedule/Timer/Loop Timer on the device or a Scene in the cloud?

Most Sonoff devices with native firmware are extremely stupid and limited and require the cloud for almost everything. If not for the operation itself, then for the configuration.

If the device was to “think” without Internet access, it would have to have thinking resources that most Sonoff devices do not have.
Even something like a Timer in the device which can be defined and will work when the device is offline, but all it takes is a power outage and all settings are lost. Only the next connection to the cloud downloads them.

Even if the device is capable of Power on state, it would still need to know the time and have the information saved locally. Some small Sonoff devices apparently do not have the resources to store data locally. And most are not able to keep track of time on their own, although every one that has batteries should have a real time clock implemented imho.

A slightly different story when it comes to scenes… I think it could be done, although I haven’t thought about the specific logic of the flow yet.