MiniR4 goes offline in iHost after a while but is always online in eWeLink

I have a MiniR4, latest firmware 1.0.1, on the same Wifi as the phone and the iHost.

In the eWelink app, it always shows online and I can control it with no problems with it, and google assistant, always.

In iHost, I have it synced with the docker eWeLink addon. It shows Online, but after a while it just goes offline and I cant control it anymore. If I open eWeLink APP and control it /switch it on/off, then it goes back online in iHost … for a while … Its like iHost is expecting some sort of keep-alive from it ?

The only other devices I have synced to iHost using the addon are TX Ultimate switches and those work fine all the time …

Any ideas ?

I have the same problem. Apparently this is a minir4 problem, but I don’t know when it will be fixed.

@Daniel_Zhan can you help us?

Same for me

Exactly the same thing happens to me and that is why I sent a feedback note from the i-HOST configuration. They responded to me that in the new version of MINIR4 this i-HOST error would be resolved, but it seems that the new version takes a while to arrive.

It is the issue caused by MINIR4, we are working on MINIR4 firmware optimization, and it is expected to be released in April.

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thanks for the information

thanks @Daniel_Zhan !!

Interesting case. My MINIR4s behave correctly, despite flaws in the firmware. I have never observed the malfunctions described by other forum members. Am I lucky or what?
By the way, the month-long deadline for the announced optimisation is embarrassingly long.