Mesh Network and Smart Switches

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I am exploring different and maybe better ways to connect my smart switches. All my smart switches are Wi-fi … Kindly please don’t suggest I that go Zigbee… Its too late for that and just another expense… Lets work with what I got :slight_smile:

The current problem is that the Sonoff inching switch that controls my gate motor is several metres away from my Isp router . Most of the time , it loses connection with the router. The signal strength icon of the inching switch on the ewelink app is One bar or mostly never.

I have tried the following experiment.

I have 2 units of the TP-link Ac1200 mesh routers that I have connected to my main Isp router via a Lan cable. I have set up a different SSID and password for the mesh system . I have then set the mesh system to operate Only on the 2.4GHZ frequency . I then paired up a Sonoff Basic R2 switch with the mesh network . I have then discovered on the ewelink mobile app that the Basic R2 switch network strength icon now displays as it as “Lan connected” instead of the Wi-fi icon displaying the signal strength.

I know from my experiment that I will now be able to place a Mesh Router closer to my gate motor ( there is a garage plug point closer to the driveway gate ).

Suppose I do connect All the Smart switches to the mesh network. What are the pros and cons of doing this ?

How will I know if a Smart switch loses loses connection with the mesh router ? Will the ewelink app notify me ? Or
What if the ISP router loses connection with the internet ? … The smart switches will still remain connected with the mesh network. …However …will the ewelink app display all devices as offline ?

Would a Mesh system be a better option as a Primary link to Smart switches ? …Meaning … if I decide to change ISP routers several times ( different brands and services providers ) … this should mean … I won’t have to set the same SSID and Password to the all the time ? . … I simply have to plug in the mesh router to the Isp router …??

Also … Does a Single mesh router/node have a greater signal strength/range output( in metres ) than a standard ISP router or even that of a Sonoff ihost hub ???

And finally and very importantly …Why is that Sonoff ihost hub so Ridiculously expensive ???

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You can set offline notifications for your devices;

As for mesh routers, I think other users in this forum can give you better advice

No, it doesn’t. iHost is not a hub and it doesn’t act as an access point for WiFi.
To take full advantage of WiFi mesh, client devices must also support it (802.11r, 802.11k, 802.11v standards). Not every device can do this and not every device needs it. Mesh certainly makes a difference when it comes to mobile devices that you move around with within the mesh coverage area. Desktop devices will benefit from mesh to a lesser extent or not at all. In the case of Sonoff devices, none of them is mesh aware. So you cannot expect here any improvement over WiFi without mesh.
Here are the WiFi properties of NSPanel Pro: