How IHost and Ewelink tx switches connect

Hi all
My question to our forum is understanding how IHost networks with the sonoff TX switches.
I’m probably best starting with what problem I’m hoping IHost fixes. At the moment I have more than 20 Sonoff tx switches and other Sonoff and they are all going via 2.4ghz Wi-Fi Direct to the router which as you can imagine is really overloaded. I want to take all the sonoff gear off the router Wi-Fi and on to the IHost. So I’m looking for this forum to explain to me how the IHost/router/tx switches link together. Hope you guys can help explain.

You want to connect all TX switches to your iHost instead of your router. Do I understand it right?

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Exactly, so that I take the load off the modem/router…Starlink.

iHost does not create a network of its own. It doesn’t act like a LAN router. It means that you can’t take the load off Starlink with iHost. No way!
How many clients at a time can Starlink serve?

Hi Jam3. That’s a bugger. It’s the fact that it doesn’t have a priority ability so everything gets its own equal slice of the bandwidth. So I’m buying a smart switch and throwing a router on to the other side of the switch which I will then put all the TXs on to. This will be wired back through a lower priority port in the switch. I’ll leave the starlink Wi-Fi Direct to the phones and tablets.
Re the number Starlink takes. I’m up to 29 but stuff is spoiling badly.

Also, what do other people do when it comes to having 20~30 Wi-Fi smart stuff at home? A seperate Wi-Fi network???

I think your router bandwidth problem is imaginary. Smart stuff like TX or anything like that doesn’t transfer much data after all. You can’t clog up a router with 30 or 40 of these devices. There is no need for prioritisation. The TX switcher is not a TV playing streamed content in 4k with Dolby multi-channel audio. I know Starlink doesn’t offer shocking transfers, but I don’t believe your smart devices are saturating the downlink. I have about 40 of these in my flat and they use the LAN and WAN at only a fraction of the bandwidth. I suspect that if they were all communicating at once they wouldn’t even come close to listening to talk internet radio. Why do you believe it’s a problem?

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I believed it was a problem because as I added the Wi-Fi devices the net speed tests from my phone kept reducing in speed. I was under the “false” impression that the router divided the bandwidth into bandwidth segments and hence if I had 10 devices I would have 10 seperate segments. I now believe that is not the case. I have loaded 28 devices onto the Starlink 2.4 and I’m still getting 50/11 mbs on the phone. All good!

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