iHost, NSPanel Pro and ZBBridge-P integration


I have one NSPanel Pro to connect my sensors SNZB-01, SNZB-02, SNZB-03, SNZB-04, SNZB-02D, plugs S26R2ZB, BasicR2.

The sensors becomes offline frequently (even in an small apartment 60m^2).

Then I bought ZBBridge-P to try to improve the signal.
It works, but now I have 2 different zigbee networks, where the devices connected on ZBBridge-P is not shown on NSPanel Pro.

Now I bought the iHost.

  1. Can I have these 3 working together?

  2. Can I connect the smart light switchs (TX-Series = WiFi) connected to iHost?

  3. The only way to have access to iHost is by an web interface? So to access it remotely, should be enough if I run the Tailscale on it?


you can get two of them to work;

Set NSPanel Pro to router mode, and pair it as a child device to iHost or Bridge-P

What about the topics 2 and 3?
The smart light switchs on topic 2 are from Sonoff (TX Series)

Yes you can, use eWeLink Smart Home add-on


But when using the eWelink add-on it will just show the devices listed on the app and doesn’t means the WiFi devices are paired to iHost, correct?

Pairing directly to iHost is the key for me, because if I move to another home I can just leave the iHost installed there and everything will still works.

Wi-Fi devices as you know rely on Wi-Fi, iHost talks with them via LAN.

Move your router and AP along with you, all should work just fine

If I sell the house, I need to keep everything working to the buyer, without any internet and ISP router.

The ideal should be all smart devices connected to a single place (like iHost).

On the iHost specifications, it’s saying it has “WiFi module” (not enabled).

Would be cool to enable it to connect Wifi devices (like Sonoff smartlight TX-Series), so all smart devices were be centralized.