Make good use of NFC tags in your home

In V4.19.0, the majority of Android users can try out the pilot feature - NFC

Generally, NFC is extensively used and known as one of the payment methods. However, in this pilot feature, NFC mainly works with tags and plays the role of the trigger.

You can add NFC as a condition when creating a scene, and set one or several devices as actions. Let’s configure some scenes like when tapping an NFC tag with your phone, your room will light up in seconds.

One more thing that can make it more useful especially in a smart home is, sharing the NFC scenes with your family members. After sharing your home with other people, the customized NFC scenes will be shared out too.

Use your imagination and see how NFC feature can come in handy in any conrner of your home.

Q&A for the updated NFC function.

Q : What types of NFC tags can support this function?

A: We suggest the tag memory is over 200 bytes.

Q: Why does my Android eWeLink app hasn’t featured this function? When NFC function will be available on iPhone?

A: If your phone hasn’t a built-in NFC chip, the app won’t give the NFC button from Profile - Pilot Features. For iPhone users who are waiting for this function, we are sorry that we are still waiting for Apple to allow the 3P apps to access NFC chips.

Q : Why does it say “Failed to write, please try again!”?

A: When it starts the writing process, please make sure to keep your phone close and still to the tag. If the tag has been programmed before, please use an NFC tool to clean the existed program in the tag first, and then try again.

THANK YOU. I am an iPhone user. I stumbled upon this new feature in the app. I knew about NFCs but didn’t realize it was in the app. Its what I like to call “Merely Wonderful”.

I made a Garage Door Opener Controller/trigger from a Sonoff Basic RFR2. I can use app, voice, manual 433 MHz remote and WOW a NFC tag. I wrote the Scene to the NFC Tag and then hid the tag under the garage and back door light switch wall plate. Yes, inside. No one sees it. Walk by with phone, ZAP, and slide the app open, the GD opens. So cool.

I just wish you would lobby Apple to allow the app to run without having to open the app.

Hi there, thank you for the suggestion. :raised_hands: Currently, the OS doesn’t allow the third platforms to wake up the NFC scenes without opening app. We will improve if it’s allowed in the future.

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