Has anyone got the NFC function to work?

I am trying to activate a scene when I put my phone next to an NFC tag.

When I get to the part when ewelink says “Please hold your phone’s NFC area close to the tag” then the phone makes the NFC sound and a message “New tag collected” appears. The message looks like it is from the system or some other app, I mean it does not share the nice visual format of the ewelink app. And that is it, I cannot proceed.

How can I get rid of this?

(phone is Xiaomi Mi 9)


Maybe you should download an NFC tool first.
After you clear the Tag on the tool, you will be able to write it on the eWeLink App.
For more detailed steps and operation methods, you can click the link below to learn

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I have totally the same issue. All tags are new and cleared.

It just does not work does it. I have not resolved it since I posted in 2022.

I have tried two Xiaomi phones and a few tags but still no go.

I would like to signup to the ewelink pro, but if the free version does not work then it does not give confidence!

In my Samsung m52 phone, this functionality works without any problems.

I just tried to add an NFC tag again to see if anything had changed. I again followed the “Beginner’s Guide to NFC” procedure recommended by Natalia Long above.

I was incorrect that I still have the same problem which I reported at the start of this thread. I can now get past that - but I still fail to add the NFC tag to ewelink.

First I used NFC Tools Pro to add a text string “Fairy Lights” which is the name of one of my existing smart devices known to ewelink. That writes to the tag OK.


Then back to the tutorial…

See the “Written successfully” message which should appear at the final step - however I get “write failed.”

There is a “Retry” button but at this point it will no longer recognise the tag at all and times out with “no NFC tag detected.”

I really wish I could get NFC to work!