Tap phone and run Scene - Immediate Execution of NFC Tag

I recently discovered we can create NFC tags to run scenes in eWelink. Merely Wonderful !! I doubt most people have realized how hand this is. So simple to setup and use.

However, would be nice for eWelink developers to take it to the next (simple) level for us. Right now, when you contact a NFC Tag, an alert pops up on the phone, showing the eWelink link. But we have to select and slide to open the alert and open eWelink screen for the NFC Tagged scene to run.

Request: Add the code to allow the NFC tag scene to run without inception or intervention of the user.

Simple hold the phone to the NFC tag, and the scene run immediately - PLEASE.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’d like to do so but the OS not allowed to, calling the NFC APIs silently are only opened to build-in apps from android or Apple, like the wallet app.