[FREE DISSUSSION] Free talk about the pilot NFC feature

Hi Guys, have you tried out the pilot feature - NFC?

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The iPhone model that has supported NFC feature?
What type of NFC tag does it work with?
Can the NFC scenes be shared with family members or other people?
Why doesn’t NFC writing work?

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I had the issue that when I re-open the eWeLink app and when it needed to reload the app into memeory at that moment the app excuted the last scanned NFC tag whilst I didn’t scan a NFC tag. And the need to load the app each time is to much time consuming and inconvenient. So I disabled NFC.

I rarely used NFC as it always requires the phone to be unlocked for all apps that support NFC. That’s not convenient.

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The feature is very good, but use only by administrator disqualifies it.
We live in three people and each of us wants to use NFC tags.
Why it is not possible to inherit permissions for one house ?

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Hi joennuh, may I ask the phone’s brand and model? will check with our testing team if they have the same one and try to locate this issue.

good idea! when sharing home with others, the NFC scenes will be shared out also. the follow-up improvement we will consider it.


I have a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G with Android 11.

Sharing NFC-Scenes with single device

In order to enable users’ NFC chipping, I have to share the whole “house”. So user can also control other devices and make settings that he shouldn’t.

It would be very useful, when a single device is shared and assigned a scene to share that scene too.

Or is there still a option, to share a single device (with NFC-Scene) for others?

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copy, let’s try to dig

Hi, andreganz, for a single device shared it’s hard to trigger its scene via NFC tag,
especially the scene is build up by other devices together, not only the shared one, in this cases, the scene will not run because the other user haven’t access permission to all the devices.

we still try to go deeper, maybe the tap to run scene which just build with shared device.

Or a “group/folder” that the scene could be assigned to to share out.

THANK YOU. I am an iPhone user. I stumbled upon this new feature in the app. I knew about NFCs but didn’t realize it was in the app. Its what I like to call “Merely Wonderful”.

I made a Garage Door Opener Controller/trigger from a Sonoff Basic RFR2. I can use app, voice, manual 433 MHz remote and WOW a NFC tag. I wrote the Scene to the NFC Tag and then hid the tag under the garage and back door light switch wall plate. Yes, inside. No one sees it. Walk by with phone, ZAP, and slide the app open, the GD opens. So cool.

I almost exclusively use Sonoff devices for powering in my house. About 45 devices. I have a good night and a wake up scene that turns off or on depending on upstairs or downstairs 13 devices. Great using a NFC tag to on each scene. Better than the Sonoff Button Switch.

I just wish you would lobby Apple to allow the app to run without having to open the app.

Hi, how is the issue of giving access to all household members?

Hi, how is the issue of giving access to all household members ?