M515EGZT motor Curtain

good day, I have a Tuya M515EGZT curtain motor, in the compatibility list it says “motor-control+percentage” however my device is detected as contact switch

Device ID
_TZE200_nueqqe6k Outlet


I don’t really understand what the issue is and how to deal with it, could someone help?

Hi y20.reg,

Thanks for your kind feedback.

We have identified the issue you mentioned and are actively working on a solution. The fix will be implemented in the upcoming versions.

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have already been released two updates, but the curtain motor is still recognized as a socket :/.

Is something being done in this direction?


The Zigbee2CUBE addon will handle the device in the coming version (ETA earlier next week).

Could you please try to re-pair the device when 1.13.4 is released?

ofc, i’ll try.

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on firmware 1.13.4, device works fine :slight_smile:

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glad it worked :smiley: