Lost all zigbee channels

I’m using a Sonoff ZBBridge Pro which has been solid until a couple of days ago when everything other than my smart plugs went offline.

Added to that, the EweLink integration in HA refuses to start even after reinstalling a full HA backup from a couple of days ago.

The only changes I made (that I remember) immediately prior to this were:

  • I upgraded the Sonoff’s firmware to v1.9.1
  • I installed the Tuya app and started to build a project but backed out part way through

I have totally reset the Sonoff and some devices re-paired (the app shows six sub-devices) but a few minutes later they went offline again. Checking the Zigbee channels being used, the EweLink app cannot find any and times out.

Any thoughts on how to get back to a fully functioning installation would be very welcome!

Are you using the Zigbee Bridge Pro as an eWeLink Zigbee hub or to allow home assistant to run it with ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT?

I think I would put tasmota on the Zigbee Bridge Pro and use Zigbee2MQTT. Definitely can be done with the older Zigbee Bridge but haven’t heard of it being done with the Pro.

Thanks, but I checked out installing Tasmota but the process is beyond what I would want to become involved in.

If you’ve already got home assistant and want easy how about using a Sonoff USB Dongle P? That’s plug in and immediately work with Zigbee to Home Assistant whilst giving you the option of Zigbee2MQTT.
Alternatively, the Sonoff USB dongle E can simultaneously do Zigbee and thread as it contains the same chip as the Home Assistant SkyConnect but is much cheaper, although I’m not so sure about Zigbee2MQTT. I suspect it’s okay now but once it wasn’t.

I’d prefer to get the ZBBridge Pro working if I can. Do you think it may have lost the Zigbee wireless permanently? If it has, I’ll get a ZigStar UZG-01 which has very good reviews.

I also updated the software (to 1.9.1) when all devices suddenly stopped communicating 2 days ago. Unfortunately, nothing works, reset does not help. All I see is Z-gate pro. any ideas?

That’s exactly what has happened here.

Unfortunately, no resets helped. Without removing the devices, I added each of the 15 devices to the gateway. They were all found. Unfortunately, they had to be renamed and placed in the appropriate locations. Fortunately, automatic scenes still work. I hope this is the last time I have to spend time on this.

Could you please contact support? With logs and more information, we can better help you.


Thx for your time.