Is Zigbee Network on iHost a mesh or just with extenders?

In both Zigbee to Home Assistant (ZHA) and Zigbee2MQTT permenantly powered devices connect to each other and aswell as to the coordinator radio and this is visible on the Zigbee Maps.

Conversely on the iHost I only ever get a central iHost with radial connections. Some devices do connect to other devices but more like a wifi extender might work. You never get a connection between one powered device connected to the router and another powered device connected to the router. Never seen it. I did try to photograph the difference but this phone’s camera didn’t like photographing a screen so I’ve sent screenshots via the iHost “Feedback”.

I’m guessing that really the iHost network is a mesh and it is just not being displayed properly, but I’d like to confirm it is actually a mesh and if the display is going to be updated to show this before adding more devices.


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