Is Bluetooth only possible on Tuya WL-SC01 smart outlet?

Hello, I installed the WL-SC01 smart outlet via Wi-Fi Internet which controls a light from the phone’s eWeLink app.

However I would like to install the WL-SC01 smart outlet in a house without Internet nor Wi-Fi.
I’m hoping Bluetooth can be used.
The user provides the computer Internet from the phone Hotspot.
The computer has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but only when turned on.

Does wl-sc01 have bluetooth? If it actually has BT, it is a matter of compatibility with ewelink or whether control via something other than WiFi is implemented.

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1: The device WL-SC01 smart outlet says the WIFI is Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, which I have connected.
So for this one I am trying to have a LAN connection, however it only works over Internet. If I turn off the Internet, the smart outlet will not turn on and off.
I prefer LAN and no WAN access.

2: I guess I will have to shop around for a Bluetooth compatible device.

You bought a device that apparently only works when connected to the cloud.

If you want to use ewelink, buy Sonoff, they have a LAN mode that allows you to control the device when there is no Internet but there is still local Wi-Fi.

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Thank you, yes this “LAN mode” is what I’m looking for.
I’ll keep searching as I need an Australian plug.

Australia uses, if I remember correctly, “Type I”…

Then the only thing Sonoff has in this type is S26 wifi, S55 wifi, the S26R2 wifi version has the information “S26R2 Type I is in production.” but I don’t know when it will actually be launched on the market.

The S26 version is an older version of the S26R2 but can still be used. S55 would require direct connection of cables… You can forget about the zigbee version.

If you need it now, buy an S26 for testing($12.49)… Just make sure that you do not exceed the permissible voltage parameters of 10A.

And if you decide to buy it, do it quickly because there are probably not many of them left in stock. :slight_smile:

@ward Do you know if S26 has a LAN mode?


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Thank you for the information.

When you say Wi-Fi, do you mean the user’s phone Wi-Fi could connect directly to the S26?
or do you mean the user must install a UniFi AP so the user connects the phone Wi-Fi to the Wi-Fi AP and the Wi-Fi AP connects to the S26?
The user would connect the phone’s Hotspot to the computer for Internet, so I imagine the phone’s Wi-Fi connection to either the S26 or a Wi-Fi AP would become disconnected?

The phone/tablet with the ewelink application must be connected to the router and WiFi, and Sonoff must be connected to the same router via WiFi.
LAN mode means that when there is no Internet, communication takes place within your private LAN network via a WiFi router. This means that the phone does not connect directly to the Sonoff device but communicates via the existing Wi-Fi network.

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Thank you for your help.

But imho it will be simpler and more convenient for you to use LAN mode and normally let everything connect via WiFi within your home network.

But if you absolutely feel that DIY will suit you better, it’s up to you… :slight_smile:

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