Is Aqara TVOC compatible with Sonoff ZBBridge Pro?

I’ve not open a support ticket yet because I’m not pretty sure it’s an allowed scenario. I cannot pair the Aqara TVOC sensor with the ZBBridge Pro. The TVOC sensor works fine if paired with the M2 hub from Aqara and other Sonoff devices works fine with the ZBBridge, but it seems there is no way the get them work together. Do you know if they are compatible or do you havy any suggestion?

Thank you.

No, it’s not. It looks like it’s not planned to be.

Thank you for your reply. Do you know why? Doesn’t the TVOC implements standard zigbee protocol?

It doesn’t. As most devices from (Xiao)Mi/Lumi, TVOC follows that fashion. In ZHA, there are so called quirks to have those devices handled. In eWeLink, there’s only hope that someday and maybe… .

So what remains is to buy a hub and connect it via ifttt with ewelink…

Right. Or use HA(OS).


It is not supported as well as other Air Quality Sensors.

iHost may add support for these devices when our team further expand Zigbee2Cube capability for third-party Zigbee devices.

Well, yes, one day it will or it won’t. In the meantime, you can enjoy a fortune cookie.

Cookie note for today would be - some air quality sensors can expose temperature/humidity readings to iHost like IKEA VINDSTYRKA; Aqara has modified too much from the standard Zigbee 3.0 spec for this sensor, you may find it hard to add it to any other Zigbee gateways

The HA community somehow has no problems with the Aqara TVOC (and other inventions from Xiaomi) or the Vindstyrka.
Since Sonoff has no such sensors on offer, one has to assume that someone will want to use products from other brands at some point, right?

yes I know I even have Aqara’s hub, but HA does not have matter bridge, I plan to move things to Alexa and Smartthings, which would be a big issue if I don’t wanna pay another subscription.

Hope ewelink guys would have it work :smiling_face_with_tear:

You can add a bridge to Home Assistant. As far as sharing is concerned, it is possible to share a device across platforms.
In overall, Matter is a vastly overrated and still underdeveloped project. The beautiful idea of all-embracing interoperability somehow strangely fails to deliver more than Zigbee. Thread devices on the market use Thread for radio communication and Matter as a control protocol. But this is not guaranteed. Some Thread-based devices support only Apple HomeKit or another vendor-specific communication protocol. There is nothing to get excited about.