Air Quality sensor

Is there any air quality (air polution) Zigbee sensor compatible with Zigbee Bridge, or a WiFi sensor which can be monitored with eWeLink app?
Device which can monitor at least PM2.5.
I saw many online but only for Tuya. Not sure if they can work with Sonoff/eWeLink too.


Hi there, we just talked to Sonoff, however, Sonoff doesn’t have an air quality Zigbee sensor on their roadmap so far.

By the way, if Sonoff planned to produce this sensor, what features do you expect them to add and where will you place this sensor?

Thank you Peter.
It would be good to have one device with PM2.5, CO2, temperature and humidity sensors. Due to air pollution it’s nice to monitor in and outside the house, so both indoor and outdoor is a plus.
I would like to know, is there any third-party sensor which can be monitored with the eWeLink app? It doesn’t have to be a Sonoff device.

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Hi there, unfortunately far as I know, there is no air quality sensor supported by eWeLink at this point.

I think that any Air Quality sensor that strictly following the ZigBee 3.0 protocol standard can be added via SONOFF or eWeLink Zigbee Bridge, I don’t have an Air Quality in hands, just technically deduction.

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Yes, i think so too. It should work, except in some rare cases.
I’ll do some research and if I find one which works without issues I’ll update this topic.

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I have a Netatmo system that monitors my indoor air quality. It’s has the ability to expand other units as well… i don’t think it can link to ewe gear… but i think it would certainly be an asset to create that ability with a ewelink unit. I’d buy that… indoor air quality is highly overlooked… with more airtight homes, air quality is more important than ever!

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