ZB BridgeU (ultra) compatible

ZB BridgeU only compatible with sonoff devices?
I tried to pair an Avatto ZigBee sensor but it can’t find it.

Almost all branded Zigbee bridges are compatible with their own brand. Basic (standard) Zigbee 3.0 compatibility is limited. This is nothing unusual and you shouldn’t be surprised.
In short: Avatto is a cloud ecosystem. It uses propriety communication layers on top of Zigbee protocol. The same is with eWeLink or Tuya ecosystems. They talk different languages that come out of the same stem only.

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Yup, I also tried pair other brands with ZB BridgeU and it seems no be not possible.
My suggestion is: if you want combine different brands, maybe its a good choice try the ihost. In the ihost i can pair different brands like aqara or tuya.


Mostly you can, but there are many no-go devices.

Its true, and I don´t test all the devices available in the market, only the “most known” :slight_smile: