How about Aqara TVOC with Zigbee2CUBE

As Sonoff does not have an Air Quality Monitor on offer, will eWeLink add support for Aqara TVOC and similar popular devices to Zigbee2CUBE? Or is there an Air Quality Monitor with a beautiful e-ink screen in the upcoming plans?

Hi Jam3,

Nice to see your post again.

We have plans for this category, so stay tuned!


Aqara TVOC that e-ink version (older firmware) and IKEA VINDSTYRKA work on iHost with only t&h readings

@ward Always at your service :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thanks for the reassuring info.
@port4u My TVOC is connected to Zigbee and visible in iHost as Air Quality Monitor. No readings are available. Operation log is empty.

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yes, same here, Aqara has completely altered the device type of that sensor in newer firmware. :rofl:

Apparently, they have solved the data transfer problem in the new firmware.
You have to admit that the Aqara TVOC is a very slick device. A little lazy in updating measurements, but the e-Ink screen makes up for this inconvenience. It’s a bit of a shame that it doesn’t display time and/or date.

It looks great but I somehow find IKEA and Eve’s offerings are also nice. I use them to automate with a smart plug connecting to an air purifier