Interval / Resolution of Temperature Measurement just hourly

Hi all alltogether, is there any chance to get a higher resolution to show the temperatur in the diagram? The interval of one hour is to big for seeing the real evolution. I need an intervall of at least 5 minutes to see how the temperatur in my sauna is developing.
Many thanks for any support.

Which device? The ones I have only send occasional messages if the temperature remains constant, although most are every 15min, but if you put them in your pocket they update more often. Alternatively my TH Elite updates every 30 seconds or so: I’ve sat looking at the debug messages trying to figure out how to create a virtual device with the temperature.

I bought the Sonoff THR20D ELITE 20A Smart Switch in combination with the temperature sensor DS18B20. It is not the point of the pure indication of the temperature value in short sequences. This is very good. The problem I have is that the diagramm in Ewelink shows the temperature values just every hour and makes just a line between the hour-values. The resolution must be much higher in the diagramm. Having it in this way the diagramm makes no sense … Is there a posibility to increase the time-resolution?

Do you also have a device that can run the eWeLink to Cube palette for Node Red to interact with? If you do it is quite easy to get the numbers and do a graph exactly as you prefer. Think that is the NS Panel Pro and iHost. If not it may be just an accommodation of small screen size. It is true of cast too. It is possible there is greater resolution on bigger screens and you could just get an ‘advanced plan’ subscription for web access. I will have a look later at what resolution is on the web later when I have a computer on.

Unfortunately the web access is also only hourly. Not clear why I think even the downloadable file is hourly although I lack a proper file opener. Maybe although the devices report more often they only save hourly in the cloud/iHost?

Actually on the iHost in the “operations log” it has each time the temperature changes by 0.1°C, so atleast on the iHost they do have more detailed data and chose to only display hourly on the iHost cast.

Yes. Unfortuntaly. It is not to understand cause the diagramm is not useable with those characteristics. Many thanks for your effort and support. Can you tell me what iHost is and how it is possible to see the data?

IHost is the Sonoff home hub that allows local control and does Zigbee/matter. You can install the Docker image for Node Red in it and their “palette”.

It basically outputs the temperature data which you have to mess around with a bit to extract but then you can trigger whatever you want. Unfortunately you can’t control the TRV in Node Red last time I looked but you can control a virtual TRV which you then just map over to the real TRV using the main interface. Bingo. Now you can have complete control.