Improved presence sensor

Changes need to be made to the presence sensor. Two different determinations of human presence need to be made. One for scenarios, the second for presence control. It is important for me to detect the presence of a person in the room, but automation by light is also important. Now it works like this - if I set the value to 15s (for the most accurate control of presence), then when a person is motionless within 15s, the sensor stops seeing him and the light turns off. As soon as the person moves, the sensor sees him and the light turns on. As a result, light illumination occurs - a light presentation, a kind of strobe. To prevent this from happening, you need to increase the presence detection time to 2 - 3 minutes. but in this case I lose the ability to clearly control the presence or absence of a person.

you can achieve this with scenes. you need to create two automatic scenes that will be activated by the SNZB-06P sensor and a manual scene that will turn off the light after two minutes.

Thank you !!! But in this option I will lose the local scene. What is the point of zb devices then???

what device do you have the sensor snzb-06p added to?

What does it mean “to which device is the sensor added”? Are you interested in what device it interacts with? I use it in conjunction with a zb mini, with a zb socket


aaaaa… in that sense :). zb bridge-p.

Another big disadvantage is having only one temporary definition of a person’s absence. I need to determine the absence of a person in different time intervals. Namely, the light would turn off (for example) if a person is absent for 5 m, and the curtains would open in the morning if a person is absent from the room for 10 m (so that the curtains would not open while the person is sleeping) and such various automations on one device can be quite a lot. What is needed is the absence DURING Xm, and not (the person is absent - delay Xm - turn off the lights) and for everything to work locally, since all the benefit from zb devices is lost.