IHost Zigby Reception

Hi I just finished moving all my sigbee devices onto my IHost.
The Zigbee map feature shows me the reception of the devices.

Marked in red is my Temp sensor which is 5 m line of sight in the same room.
Marked in blue is my Zigbee wall plug which is 4 m line of sight in the same room.

I bough the latter to act as a router for my downstairs equipment but it hardly seems able to connect itself.

I would appreciate any help on this?

I was thinking it might be a channel congestion issue, but on the IHost Zigbee radio I have no way to tell?

Many thanks


I have booked a ticket and will report back here.

I have exactly the same problem with my iHost. It’s range is very limited camparing to zigbee bridge (not pro). I’ve bought zigbee plug to act as a router but it has worst reception them battery sensors which are far away from the router. So now I’m using zigbee bridge again. Anorher solution is ewelink zogbee bridge repeater from Ali for about 7USD. It works quite OK. Sad is I was thinking I will get rid of other devices but now I have iHost plus other zigbe bridges, plugs and repeaters. I would suggest you to run HA on iHost and connect all zigbee devices to bridge flashed to Tasmota ZHA.

Zigbee radio in iHost is very weak compared to the Zigbee Bridge Pro I was using previously. I hope this will get better with a future firmware upgrade.

Or install iobroker (buanet/iobroker) without flashing zigbee devices using homebridge-ewelink adaptor

It doesn’t matter if it’ll be HA or Iobroker. He needs to extend zigbee signal. You can add zigbee devices connected to iHost in HA using homebridge addon in HA but zigbee signal from iHost is still very weak (that was my first try). That is why i’ve decided to take out from wordrobe my old zigbee bridge. But instead of installing many different addons on iHost, I’ve just installed only HA with zigbee bridge connected to it. It works really good now. I have no delays and can do things wich will be possible to do in 8 years from now on ewelink. I’m not an expert and started to use HA month ago. There is nothing yo be affraid, its very friendly to use. Probably the same is with iobroker infortunately it has only German support (in 99%).

Hi. I am assuming the ZigBee devices connected via the bridge are working via the cloud once more like this?