iHost Zigbee radio

I think all iHost users have already discovered that the zigbee signal from iHost is very weak.
I wonder why. When I’m using Zigbbe Bridge (not pro) which is based on the same zigbee chipset and has the same PCB antenna, I can cover my whole house with only one device. The same is with Ziggbe Dongle-E. This dongle has the same chipset and external antenna.
I did this experiment by placing devices in the same place one by one. So where is the problem? In my opinion there is only one answer - SOFTWARE. Dear Ewelink employes, do you have any plans to improve iHost radio signal?
Is there a chance that you give docker addons acces to USB port, so we can use external zigbee radio?
Do you intend to give HA direct access to iHost radio in the future like it is in homebridge adoon?
Please give us some information because using iHost I have to reconfigure all my ecosystem and must know what to do next.


The same thing happened to me. I had to go back to using the Sonoff Hub because the ihost was very weak :slightly_frowning_face:

In another post I got answer that iHost radio is limited by firmware to 9dBi. That is the reason of weak signal They cosider to give users possibility to change it to 20 dBi like it is in zigbee bridge or dongle-e. Till than we have to use our old bridges or dongles.

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Another limitation I’ve noticed is that if I use ihost’s zigbee Hub I can’t see what state my zigbee devices are in, I think I could only see if you use the dashboard fature :thinking:

Hello everyone, I would like to use the Zigbee antenna in the Home Assistant as well as the other devices that I managed to share by mounting the Home Assistant dock inside the iHost…

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